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Precision microbiomes for an adequate well-being of birds, their production process; thus achieving a more efficient and safe poultry activity.

Forcell Feed Poultry
  • Blocks potentially pathogenic flagellated bacteria (Salmonella, E. coli)
  • Neutralizes toxins from pathogenic microorganisms such as Clostridium perfringens
  • Allows more efficient use of nutrients, including energy, protein and minerals.
  • Improves the survival rate of broilers and the reproductive capacity of females.
  • Decrease in mortality.
  • It improves zootechnical parameters with special emphasis on the conversion rate and average daily weight gain.
  • Improves the antioxidant ability of the bird.
  • Stimulates the immunity of poultry.
  • Improves body condition.
  • Improves reproductive performance.
  • Allows a significant reduction in the use of antibiotics
  • Contains prebiotics that favor the conditions for the growth of the intestinal microbiome
  • It works as a symbiotic in formulations specially designed for the current challenges of reproduction and animal health.
  • Produces short-chain volatile fatty acids (essential in energy metabolism and hormonal regulation).
  • Fortcell Feed® Poultry participates in the metabolism and synthesis of vitamins, amino acids, polysaccharides, among other important substances.
  • The amount and composition of bile acids, important in metabolism, are modulated.
  • Optimization in the absorption of nutrients, improving the pigmentation of the yolk and the quality of the egg.
Broiler, laying hen, quail and turkey
Size and presentation

Fortcell Feed®  Poultry: 5 kg (11 lb), 10 kg (22 lb), 25 kg (55 lb)


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