New study proves Fortcell Feed® Swine produces highly profitable antibiotic-free piglets

A new study presented at  EFIB 2020, The  Nederlandse Biotechnologie Vereniging 2020, The Webinar on Probiotics, Gut Health & Immune System of the Endeavor Research Group 2020  and  ISAE 2020, shows that piglets fed with Fortcell Feed® Swine are even more profitable than those fed with an antibiotics-based diet.

This study was held by Universidad CES, with the participation of several Veterinary Doctors, some of them with Msc. In Animal Nutrition and others with PhD in Animal Sciences.

The study was presented virtually in several academic and commercial events. It compared the effect of use of Fortcell Feed® Swine vs. Antibiotic-based diets in piglets.

Commenting on the results, PhD. Juan Naranjo said: “The microencapsulated mix of probiotics, prebiotics and essential oils provides a consistent, safe and sustainable way of producing pig meat free of antibiotics. The secret lies in the microencapsulation process that makes cells and molecules more resistant to high temperatures and pressures, achieving a controlled release in the intestine and a more effective action on the immune system and the Feed Conversion Ratio, even compared to antibiotic-based diets”.

This is the reason why the components of Fortcell Feed® Swine do not present any alteration in their performance even after having been subjected to extrusion process.

About presenting the results in these events, Mauricio Agudelo, Bialtec’s CEO said: “This is a very important study for Bialtec and we are very pleased that it is being presented at such prestigious events. These results will give swine feed producers further evidence that Fortcell Feed® Swine is a sustainable and effective alternative to antibiotic based diets, specially with this new world’s trend of banning the use of antibiotics as Animal Growth Promoters (AGPs) for reducing the Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) and the increasing trend of producing healthy food… if consumers can choose, they will feel more confident and will prefer the antibiotic-free animal protein”.

Antibiotics are very commonly used as Growth Promoters due to the results in terms of conversion rates and diseases prevention. Historically, these were the most profitable feed additives. However, an exponential increase in cases of bacterial resistance has delved into different promising non-antimicrobial alternatives, like probiotics.

Gut microbiome has been extensively studied and found to be the key in nutrient’s absorption, immune system performance and Feed Conversion Rates.

By applying artificial intelligence to the microbiology and the metagenomics of a pig’s gut, much better zootechnical results can be achieved. With the predictive model designed by Bialtec, it is possible to infer the performance in 20.000 piglets.

Abstract reference – Agudelo J, Acevedo A, Rueda J, Pareja j, Sáenz O, Velosa L, Naranjo J, Ramírez R, Peález N, Martínez A. Flórez L.  Effect of the use of encapsulated probiotic additives on feed conversion and its association with changes in the intestinal microbiota of piglets. Nederlandse Biotechnologie Vereniging. Delft, The Netherlands, November 10th, 2020.

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