Do you know the difference between microbiota and microbiome?

Do you use the words microbiota and microbiome indistinctly?

Microbiota and Microbiome are two words that are often used indifferently to their meaning, although if we stop to learn about them, we will know they present relevant differences. Microbiota basically refers to the ecological community of microorganisms that inhabit a certain part of the organism and answers the question of which microorganisms there are. On the other hand, the Microbiome refers to the set of microorganisms, with the substances or metabolites they produce, their genome, and answers the question of what their function is.

And now you may be wondering, why do we emphasize differentiating these meanings?

At Bialtec we microencapsulate precision microbiomes, after analyzing the intestine of each species to find out their needs and also after sequencing live microorganisms produced by fermentation under controlled conditions under quality standards and in selective nutritional media.

They are genetically typed to guarantee their stability and previously selected by genomics studies associated with improvements in zootechnical parameters.

Design and development of reconfigured microbiomes

At Bialtec we created Fortcell Feed®, custom-made complex nutritional additives named microbiomes, of high precision, free of antibiotics, and microencapsulated to guarantee their release in the intestine and to protect the strains and active ingredients during industrial processes such as pelleting or extrusion, in addition to digestive processes in the stomach.

Fortcell Feed® is formed by stabilized probiotic microorganisms, genes associated with beneficial metabolisms, prebiotics, and nutrients, which improves the absorption of nutrients at the intestinal level and reconfigures the composition of the intestine towards a more efficient and healthy one.

Microbiomes of different generations

The challenges found in livestock production in the different species, such as genetics, age groups, geographic location, diets, among others, led Bialtec to design different generations of Fortcell Feed® microbiomes, providing a personalized solution for each case and client.

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