Functional nutrition for cats

The biodiversity and stability of the cat’s microbiota throughout its life is essential. This is why the new trends in the design of formulas for their diet are increasingly focused on scientifically and nutritionally formulated feed. With the use of Fortcell Feed® Pets, it is possible to achieve this and keep it stable and balanced, since there is a lower incidence of intestinal pathologies and the immunological conditions of the animal are increased and improved.

The viability of probiotics in feed and in the gastrointestinal tract can be improved if the appropriate prebiotic is added to generate positive symbiotic effects in the intestine of the host, promoting the development of beneficial microbiota.

At Bialtec we have investigated the role of functional nutrition in cats (Felis catus) to better understand their metabolism, using guaranteed amounts of strains that are highly compatible with their intestines and protecting them through a patented microencapsulation process, by which the active cultures are preserved alive, thus optimizing the expected result in the health and quality of life of the pet.

If you want to know more about the impact of functional nutrition in cats, in addition to new trends, the main strains found in the different stages of their digestive tract and the proven effects of the inclusion of probiotics in their diet, download the following article (in spanish):

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